January 30th, 2004


Ха, инженеры, понимаешь...

Questions to embarrass know-it-all engineers
Many engineers do not understand the technical principles behind commonly encountered mechanisms and physical phenomena.

Вопрос номер 1: How does an automotive differential work? (Note, I did not ask you to explain what it does. Explain how it functions internally.) Одним словом, надо объяснить, как устроен дифференциал в автомобиле.

Озадачила супруга - сидит и схемы рисует уже минут 20. По его схеме то мотор вокруг машины вращается, то колеса. Вот пришел докладывать - говорит, все работает.
Посмотрим, посмотрим.

The third derivative of position is jerk

А ещё вот эта статья мне очень нравится - The third derivative of position is jerk.
They found that the rate of change of acceleration, or the third derivative of position, was the key factor. This was new mathematical ground, and GM didn't know what to call the derivative of acceleration. Finally, someone suggested the term "jerk," and that is what stuck, at least for a while.